Inaugural Post!

::Trumpet Sounds:: Welcome to the inaugural post of my blog!  I suppose I shall tell you a bit about what my blog is about.  I’ve entitled it with a grandiose phrase (I’m a bit of a wordsmith, so why not?) “An Aleatory Imaginarium.”  Sounds quite grand, and important.  And I believe it is.

Aleatory is an adjective that means, essentially, that the creation of art involves elements of random choice from the artist’s schema, or imagination.  I define myself as an artist in various capacities, and what fuels artistry is imagination.  Much work has been done on harnessing creativity and whittling the process down to a science in a series of steps.  The title of this blog is indicative that I wish for this to be a space in which I can explore the depth and scope of how imagination works to bring the creative arts to fruition, and how to use creativity in our daily lives and also in specific disciplines, and fields that typically do not harness the inherent power of imagination and creativity.  I want to explore those spaces unexplored- the Aleatory, random musings and kernels of genius that strike creative inspiration into whatever artistic form or medium we choose to employ.  And so together, we shall see how this blog in it’s form, will mold and shape into an artistic piece worthy of thought and consideration- in essence, an Imaginarium.