ASCD Empower19: CCEL

Debuting my dissertation findings at ASCD Empower19 was an amazing experience!  This was my very first time EVER as a presenter at a professional educational conference!

I created my poster with Canva and I was extremely impressed with the ease and functionality of the design platform.  I went through multiple (like ten) iterations of the poster.  

This tool was invaluable. I also used it to create my handouts (which I’m happy to say I was out of handouts by the end of the session)!!!

If you’d like to check out more about CCEL, click on Empower19 CCEL and use the password mockempower19 to check out more in-depth information about my study! Also, you can get meta and take a poll about your own perspectives about your creative capacity as an educational leader!!

There were so many amazing creative ideas to see and behold at this amazing conference! Thanks to everyone who stopped to visit me today! If you have any further questions please contact me!