A Semblance of Hope

Anesidora from A Semblance of Hope's Premiere Production in October 2011.  Photo by Jason Bafile Photography
Anesidora from A Semblance of Hope’s Premiere Production in October 2011. Photo by Jason Bafile Photography

Full-length Play

7F, 5M, 1 M/F, Extras

Productions:  Windber Research Institute, 2011.

Awards:  YWCA Tribute to Women Award in Arts and Letters, House of Representatives Citation

Photography: Jason Bafile Photography

Videography: Cam-Ron Productions

Synopsis: The play is set in a composite of Windber, Pennsylvania at the Windber Research Institute. The play’s focus is the journey of a 30-something year old woman named Nadina Kynthia, a woman whose breast cancer is in remission, and the lives of her family and friends. A myriad of characters including a sassy business woman, an endearing grandmother, a whimsical pastry chef, a caring counselor, an imaginative child, an intelligent girl, and a supportive husband open up a “Pandora’s Box” of a tale that promotes the acknowledgment of hope and joy in the daily moments of life.  Nadina is a participant in STEPS program, which is loosely modeled off of the institution’s current STEPS program. Nadina has closed herself off from her family and friends because of her personal fears from the disease and its potential for recurrence. A visitation from an ethereal character of mythical proportion ignites action in Nadina’s life, and she thus partakes in a journey to surmise the strength to find the light within which keeps humanity pressing forward in times of toil and sorrow.  Nadina will share hope not only with her family and friends, but inspire an entire community.  A Semblance of Hope is a pictorial of the trials, tribulations, struggles, and moments of joy in life. Further, it examines the essential components of communication and support in a breast cancer survivor’s recovery process.