Ultramarine Girl: A Cup Full of Courage

Original Artwork by James Elston
Original Artwork by James Elston

Full-Length Play (with Music)

7 F, 3M, Extras

Music Composition: Rachel Allen and Johnny Anthony Bayush

Lyricist: Aspen Mock

Logo Design: James Walter Elston

Production: World Premiere July 2015 at GJCTC

Synopsis: This one act play is a contemporary fantasy that takes place in a little cottage nestled in the Maryland shoreline. Orva, a pre-teen girl of 12 years lives in the cottage by the sea with her mother, Enide. The pair are very content with their lives, and have many friends including Rybar, a man who loves fishing above all other things (except perhaps, Enide).
Everyone is trying to figure out what Orva should do with her future. Orva has spina bifida and needs to come up with a transitional plan. She is being encouraged by her friends and family to take steps to decide the question that haunts all youth today “what are you going to be when you grow up?”, when all she really wants to explore is her imagination!

Unbeknownst to the family, Lord Vodnik, a vodnici and deleterious sea soul, has been hatching an evil plan to obtain something precious from Orva: her courage. Vodnik has never known a day of courage in his life, but with Orva’s courage, he can become an all-powerful sea god.
Knowing Orva’s penchant for all things mermaid, Lord Vodnik captures Merrow, a plucky mermaid, and holds her family hostage in a porcelain cup until she does his bidding. Merrow becomes an unwilling pawn and participant in his master plot to trick Orva into giving up her courage.