Year 7

One-Act Play

3F, 4M, Extras

Part of the 365 Women A Year project

Synopsis:  This dramatically delightful and historical play opens in Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty, circa 1473 BC.  It is Year 7 of her young stepson, Thutmose III’s reign, and there have been recent public outcries for a stronger leader; that another dynasty wishes to lay claim to the throne.  Queen Hatshepsut has been assisting Thutmose III in his fledgling reign; she supports his mother, Isis and has betrothed her own daughter, Neferure.  Unexpectedly, the Queen receives a visitation from the mysterious Oracle of Amun, who through dialogue with the divine tells her that she must make an unprecedented political play to secure power for the Thutmoside line.  The Oracle advises Queen Hatshepsut to take the crown from Thutmose III, declare herself King, and to reign in infamy as Egypt’s next great pharaoh.  Will the public accept this?   What will happen to Thutmose III and Isis? Will Senenmut, Ahmose and Useraman, her trusted advisors, accept a womanly claim to the patriarchal reign of the Ancient Egyptian throne?  Will the Queen become King?